Worldwide Payment Solutions for Business & Consumer

Everything you need to accept payment online

SmartPay is an online account you can use anywhere from your computer, your tablet or your smart-phone

SmartPay enables you to buy goods or services on the internet using cash. By converting real money into eMoney you can buy online without the need for a credit card or a bank account and without the risk of fraud loss or identity theft

A complete portfolio of products

Voucher & Card

SmartPay Cards can be topped-up easily online and vouchers can be bought at any one of 25,000 payzone outlets. A SmartPay Voucher is the most secure eMoney voucher available in the market today

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Visa Card

With no credit checks necessary, customer acceptance for our prepaid Visa Card is guaranteed whatever your credit history. Load the card with funds and it is immediately ready to use

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The Account

Pay for goods and services quickly and safely while protecting your own identity. On-line privacy when you want to pay securely and discretely, On-line freedom if you haven’t got a bank account

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API Technology For Faster & Smarter Business

Accepting your customers' payment with SmartPay is easy, convenient and secure. Whether you are accepting cash or card payments online, SmartPay makes it easy, with one simple integration

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